R and JavaScript

Supercharge your R packages, and workflows with JavaScript.

JavaScript for R

The book

John Coene is the author of the book JavaScript for R published by CRC Press as part of the R series.

Where it can help

JavaScript can greatly enhance your data science pipelines and product.

The Shiny web framework has grown immensely popular in the R community. It allows statisticians, and data scientists to create web applications to better communicate findings, models, etc.

As applications grow, features, and performances tend to become issues. This can often be resolved with greater use of JavaScript to execute more operations in the browser and free the server of some load.

Bringing JavaScript into Shiny applications also opens the door to many features and functionalities otherwise not available. These improve performances, as well as the user experience.

R integrates with JavaScript to allow generate JavaScript-powered outputs often referred to as widgets.

These include interactive visualisations, tables, editors, and more.

JavaScript far outperforms R and Python. Leveraging JavaScript for some computations, be it in the server or in the browser can often greatly improve the performances of your products.