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What it is

Shinymetrics is born out of the need to track shiny applications.

Whilst there are many web analytics tools out there, none really suit event-driven single page applications like those built with the Shiny framework, and though they can be made to work with it, every application will require substantial work to setup adequate tracking.

Moreover there are currently no tools that inform developers about the performances of their applications in production.

Shinymetrics solves these problems: it allows understanding of features, plots, and inputs that are used as well as collect some data to help developers record errors and get a rough idea of the performances of the applications they create.

Shinymetrics should appeal to both managers who want to better inform development of applications their team produces, and it should be of great use to developers who need to know about server performances, errors encountered, and more.

Please reach out to should you have any enquiries.

You can run it either locally or set it up on your server to share the stream link with others.