Summer Intern

Opifex is looking for a paid remote summer intern to work on open source software

Opifex is looking for a (paid) summer intern to help work remotely on various projects, mainly open-source!

Opifex and the founder John Coene have several open-source projects that are in dire need of love and attention.

You will work directly with me (John).

Core tasks:

  • Bug fixing
  • Feature Implementation
  • Refactoring
  • Communicate with users

You should expect a lot of time writing and going through code; solving technical problems. You are not expected to be able to solve all of these on your own though, I'm there to help.

If you like spending a lot of time behind your code editor this is the ideal position for you.

Must have competencies:

  • Good knowledge or the R language
  • Basics of JavaScript
  • Familiarity with git
  • Writing R packages
  • Building Shiny applications

Your application:

  1. There are over 100 open-source projects you could potentially work on (see devOpifex, and JohnCoene's Github profiles), pick a few you would be interested in contributing to, and share them with me. Other projects that you think could benefit the community and are worth creating are also of interest.
  2. Also share what you would like to learn and improve as part of this internship.
  3. I'm particularly interested in your past work, and personal projects. Please do include your links to your Github, blog posts, or other.

Send your application to john[at]

I look forward to your application,